Plans and Policies

Welcome to the Plans and Policies page for the Town of Stallings Planning and Zoning Department. This page provides access to planning-related documents and webpages maintained and operated by the Planning Department, as well as a few Parks and Recreation and Engineering documents.

Planning Documents

Stallings Development Ordinance (SDO)

The Stallings Development Ordinance (SDO or UDO) is a collection of 23 articles that serve as the foundation for planning, zoning, and development in Stallings. The SDO also provides rules and procedures for implementing the Small Area Plans and Comprehensive Plan. It was adopted on February 28th, 2018.  

Comprehensive Land Use Plan

The Comprehensive Land Use Plan (Comp Plan or CLUP) is a vision and roadmap for the future of the Town of Stallings. It establishes goals for the town, develops a land use map to achieve those goals, and works with the community to create strategies for reaching them. The Comp Plan reflects land use patterns, infrastructure availability, and economic development strategies, and it establishes future land use goals. It was adopted on November 27, 2017.

Small Area Plans

For the Small Area Plans (SAP), Stallings envisions a pedestrian-oriented urban form that will protect existing neighborhoods while strategically locating multi-family housing and mixed-use densities. The Town has enacted a comprehensive planning process which including developing a 50-year build-out and illustrative plan for 6 major nodes. These nodes include the Monroe Bypass, Idlewild Road Corridor, Stallings Elementary School, Smith Farm Business District, Downtown Stallings, and Chestnut.

Pedestrian Plan

The Town adopted the Stallings Pedestrian Plan in August of 2008, establishing goals to increase pedestrian connectivity throughout the Town. The plan connects commercial centers, schools, and parks to our residential neighborhoods via sidewalks and greenways. In 2008, the Stallings Town Council adopted the pedestrian plan. Additionally, Stallings is working with the Carolina Thread Trail Project.

Comprehensive Transportation Plan

The Towns of Stallings and Matthews jointly developed this Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) 

to ensure that plans for the area support the needs of both towns. Although the towns are located in separate counties, residents and commuters share common roads and routes as they travel to work, shopping, recreational activities, or visit family and friends. This collaborative effort aims to fully understand all citizens' travel patterns and develop project recommendations that benefit the area as a whole.

A CTP is developed to ensure that the transportation system meets the needs of both towns for the planning period. It serves as an official guide to providing a well-coordinated, efficient, and economical transportation system for the future of the region.

2030 Stallings Economic Development Plan

The 2030 Stallings Economic Plan discusses the great potential there is here for economic development. As a town, Stallings is located directly adjacent to Mecklenburg County, and we refer ourselves as the Gateway to Union County. Geographically, the Town of Stallings is six miles long and one mile wide. 

Proximity to Charlotte

As the 19th fastest-growing metro area in the US (Forbes 2017) Charlotte is experiencing an influx of people moving into the area to take advantage of the strong job market, mild climate, and affordable housing. Stallings is only 15 miles from Uptown Charlotte and can expect to benefit from this growth.

Proximity to 485 and Highway 74

Stallings is under ½ mile from I-485 and has three interchanges in or near the municipal limits. Stallings is the only jurisdiction in Union County that is in this geographic position, providing an advantage in attracting businesses to the area.

Monroe Bypass

With the Monroe Bypass complete, there is an excellent opportunity for office, commercial and mixed-use developments along this highway. The Town has created planning documents that can be found on the Small Area Plans page that will allow for the redevelopment of the 74 corridor.

Parks and Recreation Documents

Recreation and Greenway Master Plan

The Recreation and Greenway Master Plan is a Parks and Recreation document. Much of the information in the document is relevant for planning and development and for anyone having any questions or desire to learn about parks, greenways, and recreation here in the Town of Stallings. The Town adopted this plan on February 25th, 2019.

There are requirements in the Stallings Development Ordinance (SDO) for the Greenway Master Plan. This occurs in article 21.3 of the SDO. It discusses how all proposed Fee-in-Lieu’s in Stallings must provide the improvements identified in the Greenway Master Plan when the improvements are occurring on land partaking in the proposed development. If the Greenway Master Plan recognizes no improvements are associated with a proposed project, the developer shall be required to pay a fee in lieu.

Engineering Documents

Land Development Standards Manual

The Land Development Standards Manual is intended as a supplement to the Stallings Development Ordinance and Water Quality Design Manual. This document contains the rules and regulations for streets, storm drainage, and plan requirements. County, State, and Federal agencies may also have additional requirements not provided for or referenced within this manual. This manual does not relieve the design professional of the responsibility to incorporate the provided information correctly. The Design Engineer is responsible for providing technical adequacy of the design using engineering judgment, experience, and sufficient knowledge in providing all related design elements. The Town adopted this plan on March 30th, 2018.

Street Adoption Standards

The Street Adoption Standards are utilized for order for a street's adoption into Stallings.