The Town Council of the Town of Stallings is committed to highlighting the Town's wonderful businesses.  

Electrical Construction & Design, Inc. 

Thank you to Tedd Smith and Electrical Construction & Design, Inc. for allowing the Town to highlight them as one of our great businesses. We are happy you are in Stallings! 
Company: Electrical Construction & Design, Inc.
Type of Business: Design Build Electronical Contractor, partnering with design build general contractors in Charlotte and surrounding areas.
Stallings Establishment Date: Union West Business Park since 2001
Number of Employees: 36 full time employees
Why Stallings? It is a great area close to home. Union West Business Park was recommended by a customer.
Any additional information: The business was started in 1991 with a great business partner, Gary Price.  Gary passed away in 2003 which was a great blow to the company. With the help of some fantastic employees and office manager, we all met the challenge of moving the business forward through good times and bad after his death.  With sales of $10-12 million a year, we are still growing and adapting. It is an asset being in the Stallings area.  The police are quick to respond and professional.  The Stallings Mayor and Council have always been helpful in addressing issues in our business park.  Special thanks to Mayor Dunn and Former Council Member Lynda Paxton for helping us with the flooding issue in Union West Business Park after the Bypass was built.  God willing, we look forward to the next 20 years in Stallings! ~ Tedd Smith