Development Ordinance

The Town has a vision that began with the rewrite of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, followed-up by the creation of three small area plans, and finally, the Stallings Development Ordinance (SDO), or rules that will be used to implement plans.

Stallings Development Ordinance - Complete Document

Additional Resources

Small Area Plans
Stallings Comprehensive Land Use Plan
Parks & Recreation Greenway Master Plan

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What will be the process for a project that is a use by right? A Use with Special conditions?
    It is an administrative process where preliminary plans are reviewed and approved by Planning and Engineering. This would be negotiated with staff and council.
  2. I need to understand the differences in cell tower categories.  
    These were established and legislated by the State.  The UDO follows state rules.  We cannot regulate location, only aesthetics.
  3. Who on our staff meets the requirements for the Development Administrator? Does the town manager also have those credentials? 
    The Planning Director meets these requirements.  There are checks and balances built into the document that do not allow the Administrator to make decisions outside of the realm of the document as adopted by Council.  Anyone that disagrees with the Planning Director's interpretation or decision can appeal to the Board of Adjustments.