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Silver Line Expansion

The LYNX Silver Line is a planned, 29-mile, 30 station light rail alignment from the City of Belmont through Center City Charlotte into Stallings.1 As the Silver Line continues its expansion, Stallings finds itself at a crucial junction. With strategic foresight and proactive planning, Stallings can ensure it is prepared for growth and thrive alongside this expansion.

Transportation-Oriented Developement

One of the strategies available to the Town to improve management of the Silver Line expansion is transportation-oriented development (TOD). Transportation-oriented development is an approach for managing growth by focusing on creating a vibrant, walkable community around transportation hubs. TOD helps to reduce traffic congestion, promotes transit usage, and spurs economic growth. Stallings can shape its future in a responsible way that promotes mobility and growth for all its residents by strategically planning for the Silver Line expansion with transportation as a focal point.

To assist the Town in formulating a TOD plan, we secured a grant from the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRPTO) enabling us to acquire consulting services. The Town is currently working with Bolton & Menk, a consulting service, to assist in analyzing our present position, identifying challenges and opportunities, and formulating and executing a TOD plan.

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