The Administration Department serves as the administrative center of the Town's organization.  In addition to the coordination and oversight of activities for all Town Departments, Administration also provides direct staff assistance to the Town Council.  The Town Manager is the director of the Administration Department and he is responsible for the general management of all municipal functions.  This Department ensures that all Town functions operate in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.  The Administrative Department is comprised of the Town Manager and the Assistant Town Manager/Town Clerk. 


The Town of Stallings shall have the Council‑Manager form of government and the administration thereof shall be provided in Part 2, Article 7 of Chapter 160A‑147 of the North Carolina General Statutes. The Council shall consist of six (6) members, not including the Mayor. The Town of Stallings shall therefore be divided into six (6) single‑member electoral districts. Council members shall be apportioned to these districts so that each member represents the same number of persons as nearly as possible. Candidates shall reside in and represent the districts according to the apportionment plan adopted by the Town Council, but all the qualified voters of the Town shall elect all candidates. (Am. Ord. passed 4‑5‑2001; Am. Ord. passed 5‑13‑2002)​​​

Sec. 4. The Mayor shall be elected by the qualified voters of the town for a term of four years, and shall be entitled to vote on matters before the Council only if necessary to break a tie. (Am. Ord. passed 4‑11‑77; Am. Ord. passed 8-2005)​​

Sec. 5. The municipal elections shall be nonpartisan and decided by a simple plurality, and shall be held and conducted by the county board of elections in accordance with the applicable provisions of Chapter 163 of the General Statutes. At each biennial election thereafter, the number of Council positions to be filled at such election shall be filled for terms of four years.