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Permits and Inspections

The Planning Department is responsible for enforcement of zoning regulations, issues zoning permits, and conducts final zoning inspections for all new construction, additions, up-fits, and accessory structures. Union County Building Code Enforcement reviews building plans, issues building permits, and provides building inspection services to the Town. To contact Union County Building Code Enforcement click here

Zoning, Use, or Sign Permits

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Please use the button above to apply for a zoning, sign, or use permit. A zoning permit is required for any construction project in the Town of Stallings. A sign permit is required for installing any permenant or temporary sign, unless the sign is exempt as listed in Article 17, Section 17.6, of the Development Ordinance. A Use permit is required for any change in use, including operating a business from home (home occupation).

Zoning Compliance

Before Union County will issue a Certificate of Occupancy, a Zoning Compliance inspection must be performed by the Town of Stallings. To schedule a Zoning Compliance inspection, contact Patrick Blaszyk, and include the as-built survey. This as-built survey should include dimensions of all existing and new structures, impervious surfaces, and all applicable stormwater management facility information.

Permits and Applications

In addition to the Zoning, Sign, and Use permits that can be applied for using the button below, the Town of Stallings has several permits that must be filled out digitally or printed. Please contact the Planning Department with any questions regarding these permits or applications.

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