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Town employees will be working from home until further notice. Permit processing may be delayed. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Permits and Inspections

The Planning Department is responsible for enforcement of zoning regulations, issues zoning permits, and conducts final zoning inspections for all new construction, additions, up-fits, and accessory structures. Union County Building Inspections reviews building plans, issues building permits, and provides building inspection services to the Town. To contact Union County Building Enforcement click here

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New Construction:
Submit a zoning permit application with required fee. A plot plan showing location of new building, driveway location and all associated setbacks.

Principle Structure Addition:
Submit a zoning permit application with required fee.  A survey showing location of existing building and proposed addition. All associated setbacks must be shown.

Principle Structure Upfit:
Submit a zoning permit application with required fee.

Accessory Structure:
Submit a zoning permit application with required fee. A survey showing location of accessory building and associated setbacks.


Commercial permitting requires submittal and approval of engineering drawings prior to a zoning permit being issued for the project. The Concept Plan and Preliminary Plan submittal application and checklists provide required submittal info. 

How do I get a copy of a survey of my house?

First check the documents you received when you closed on your house, as this often includes a survey. You can check with the Union County Register of Deeds Office; however, such records do not always exist. In this case you may have to have a survey done.

How do I schedule a final zoning inspection?

Contact the Planning Technician Matthew West at by forwarding the as-built survey of all new structures and an inspection will be scheduled.

Email Planning Technician Matthew West at with any questions about the forms below. 

In Person only Permits:

  • Annexation Procedure
  • Concept Plan Application
  • Demo Permit 
  • Fee Schedule
  • Preliminary Plan Review Application
  • Rezoning Application
  • Solicitation Permit
  • Speed Hump Policy
  • Variance Application