Small Area Plans

Welcome to the Stallings Planning & Zoning Department's Small Area Plans page. This page provides information about the town's small area plans, which are in place for the following areas:

The Town of Stallings has embarked on a comprehensive planning initiative that encompasses developing a 50-year development plan and detailed small area plans for six key areas: Monroe Expressway, Idlewild Road Corridor, Stallings Elementary School, Smith Farm Business District, Downtown Stallings and Chestnut.

Monroe Expressway SAP

The construction of the expressway is a significant infrastructure improvement that strengthens the connection between Stallings,  Charlotte, and Union County. The impact of this project is already evident, with new growth flourishing in the surrounding areas.

Idlewild Road Corridor SAP

This study area extends from I-485 to Stevens Mill Road. 

Stallings Elementary School Node SAP

Stallings Elementary School Node Small Area Plan is located at the intersection of Stallings and Stevens Mill roads, north of the Monroe Expressway.

Smith Farm Business District SAP

This business district is located between the Downtown Small Area Plan and the Monroe Expressway Small Area Plan. It is a mixed-use, transit-ready, and walkable center that brings together the two plans.

Stallings Downtown SAP

The Downtown Small Area Plan is at the heart of the Town of Stallings' comprehensive planning effort. It is located in the town center, at the intersection of Stallings Road, Old Monroe Road, and Potter Road.

Chestnut SAP

The Chestnut Small Area Plan is at the far southwestern area of Stallings, where Matthews Weddington Road and Chestnut Lane intersect. It is the most recent part of the town's comprehensive planning effort.