Historical Committee

The Historical Committee was established by your Town Council to help preserve the history of the Town. We are looking for citizens that are interested in serving on the committee. 

If you want to help preserve the Town's history and like doing research, this is the committee for you. The committee meets once a month on a date and time set annually by the committee.

Purpose & Objectives 

Preserve Town properties and artifacts 
Designate historical town landmarks 
​Educate the community on the Town's history 
Collect oral histories on interesting stories about Stallings and its people
Support other historical needs as required 


Established: November 13, 2017
Number of members: At least one council member and number of citizen members to be determined
Term length: 2 years


6:00 p.m., 4th Thursday of every month
​Stallings Government Center, 321 Stallings Road, Stallings, NC 28104


Council Member Laurie Wojtowicz (2025)
Mayor Dunn (2025)
Debbie Wagenhauser (2026) 
Jill Reed (2026) 
VACANT (2025)
Marie Garris (2025) 
VACANT (2025)
Staff Liaison: Karen Reid

If interested on serving on this committee, please download an application here or visit Town Hall and pick one up. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Karen Reid at 704-821-8557.


There are no notices at this time.