Storm Water

Storm Water Utility Fee

A Storm Water Utility Fee is used for:

  • Ensuring Town compliance with federal and state water quality requirements

  • Infrastructure improvement and maintenance programs.

  • Inspections of detention ponds and additional storm water infrastructure.

  • Investigating spills or reports of illegal dumping

How the Stormwater Utility Fee is Calculated

Non-Residential Rate Calculation

The storm water utility fee is based on the amount of impervious area on a non-residential property.

An impervious area is any surface that prevents water from soaking into the ground (i.e., buildings, driveways, parking lots). Pervious surfaces are surfaces that allow water to soak into the ground (lawns, gardens)..

Impervious area was measured from a sample of single-family residential parcels within the town and an average was calculated. This average is referred to as an Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU). All non-residential properties are assigned fees based on the amount of ERUs as it relates to impervious area.

  • One (1) ERU = 2,060 sq. ft. of impervious area

  • Rate = $67 per ERU Annually or $5.58 per ERU per Month

Example of a Non-Residential Storm Water Fee Calculation
Impervious Surface Area: 20,600 square feet
ERUs: 10
Yearly Fee: $670

Residential Rate

Residential Properties are charged a flate rate of $67 annually, or $5.58 per Month.

To dispute a storm water utility fee, please call the Town of Stallings Engineering Department at 704-821-8557.

Town of Stallings Storm Water Ordinances and Policies

Ordinance Chapter 51: Storm Water Utility Control and Management 

Ordinance Chapter 52: Post-Construction Storm Water

Ordinance Chapter 53: Illicit Discharge to Storm Water System

Town of Stallings Storm Water Policy