Pedestrian Plan

Pedestrian Planning​​

The Stallngs Pedestrian Plan was adopted by the Town in 2008, establishing a goal to increase pedestrian connectivity throughout the Town. The plan focuses on connecting commercial centers, schools and parks to our residential neighborhoods via sidewalks and greenways. The plan is viewable by clicking on the links in the "Downloadable Documents" section of this page.​

Sidewalks & Greenways

At the present time, Stallings maintains 14 miles of sidewalks. These sidewalks are located in subdivisions and on major roadways. In 2008, the Stallings Town Council adopted a pedestrian plan which reviews current conditions of sidewalks and greenways and makes recommendations for future pedestrian projects. Additionally, Stallings is working with the Carolina Thread Trail Project


Pedestran Plan - Cover - Intro
Pedestrian Plan - Part One - Overview
Pedestrian Plan - Part Two - Conditions
Pedestrian Plan - Part Three - Recommendations
Pedestrian Plan - Part Four - Implementation
Pedestrian Plan - Apendicies
Current Pedestrian Conditions Map
Proposed Pedestrian Projects Map