Park Partners

Creating a Stronger Community Together

Welcome to Stallings Municipal Park, where community and recreation come together! Our Parks and Recreation Department is thrilled to collaborate with a diverse array of park partners who bring an exciting range of classes and camps to enhance your experience at Stallings Municipal Park.

Walk with Ease | Increasing your overall Health

Walk With Ease was developed by experts at the Arthritis Foundation and the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance to provide tools and techniques to build and maintain a successful walking program. 

The program was designed to benefit adults who want to:

  • Reduce the pain and discomfort of arthritis and/or joint pain
  • Increase balance, strength and walking pace
  • Build confidence in the ability to be physically active
  • Improve overall health


For More information about Walk with Ease CLICK HERE.

Fit4Moms: Empowering Post-Baby Fitness

Embark on a fitness journey tailored for moms with Fit4Moms at Stallings Municipal Park. This specialized program focuses on post-baby fitness, providing a supportive and encouraging environment for mothers to prioritize their well-being. Join Fit4Moms classes to regain strength, enhance endurance, and connect with other moms in a fitness community designed just for you.


For More information about Fit4Mom Click Here.



TennisBloc: Ace Your Game in Tennis and Pickleball

For the tennis and pickleball enthusiasts, TennisBloc is your go-to partner at Stallings Municipal Park. Dive into exciting tennis camps, pickleball camps, and classes that cater to all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an advanced player aiming to refine your technique, TennisBloc offers professional instruction in a fun and inclusive atmosphere.

For More information about TennisBloc Click here.






Camp Gladiator: Unleash Your Potential with Functional Fitness

Experience the thrill of functional fitness with Camp Gladiator at Stallings Municipal Park. Tailored for adults seeking dynamic and effective workouts, Camp Gladiator brings high-energy fitness programs to our community. Join in for exhilarating sessions that focus on strength, agility, and overall wellness. Unleash your potential and achieve your fitness goals with the support of Camp Gladiator's experienced trainers.


For More information about Camp Gladiator click here.



If you're interested in becoming a Park Partner - email our office at or call at (704) 821-0322