Engineering & Stormwater

The Engineering Department provides administrative and technical support to other Town Departments, private developers, and citizens regarding design, construction, and maintenance responsibilities of public infrastructure in accordance with all applicable regulatory requirements. Additionally, the Engineering Department provides plan review support for the Town's residential and commercial permitting functions.   

Safe Storage and Disposal of Lawn & Garden Chemicals​

Spring is a beautiful time of year, as the cold of winter gives way to warmer temperatures and greener landscapes. If you use fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides to maintain your lawn and garden, now is the perfect time to prepare a safe holding area for these materials. Proper use of lawn and garden chemicals is important for ground water and environmental protection, human and pet safety, and for maintaining the effectiveness of these agents.​

Remember to use fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides sparingly. When their use is necessary, apply chemicals in recommended amounts and not in areas adjacent to streams or rivers. Also avoid application when the forecast calls for rain, as spring storms wash more polluted runoff down the storm drains.

Remember: everything washed or thrown into a storm drain flows directly to our streams and rivers.​

Lawn and garden chemicals should be:​

  • Kept in original containers and never mixed in an empty food container

  • Secure from pets and children

  • Kept in a dry, well-lit and well-ventilated area

  • Stored in a space large enough to allow separate spacing for herbicides, insecticides and fertilizer

  • Enclosed so spills cannot spread

  • Protected from extreme temperatures​

Proper disposal methods for lawn and garden chemicals and containers will vary depending on the product. Typically, empty plastic or glass containers should be wrapped in several layers of newspaper and placed in the trash.

Read the product label for complete instructions. To learn more about where to properly dispose of household hazardous waste like paints, solvents, and batteries, contact God Bless the USA Trash Service at 704-708-5872. Remember to never dispose of any pesticide in the sink, toilet, bathtub, sewer drain, or on the pavement or ground.​