Town Manager

The Town of Stallings operates under a Council-Manager form of government.  This system combines the strong political leadership of elected officials in the form of the Town Council, with the strong managerial experience of an appointed local government manager.  Stallings has established a representative system where all power is collectively concentrated in the elected Town Council who hire a professionally trained Town Manager to oversee the delivery of public services.

Under the Council-Manager form of government, the Town Council is the governing body of the Town, elected by the public, and the Town Manager is hired by the Town Council to:

  • Carry out the policies established by the Town Council;
  • Prepare a budget for the Town Council’s consideration;
  • Recruit, hire, supervise, and terminate Town staff; and
  • Serve as the governing body’s chief advisor by providing complete and objective information about local operations, discussing options, offering assessment of the long-term consequences of decisions, and making policy recommendations.

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Mission Statement:

The Town Manager’s Office provides professional, strategic, responsive, ethical, and respectful leadership under the Council-Manager form of government. 

Meet our Town Manager:

Alex Sewell serves as Stallings Town Manager.  Mr. Sewell is a licensed attorney who was the valedictorian of his MPA class.  He previously served as the Wadesboro Town Manager and Assistant to the Town Manager at the Town of Apex. 

During Mr. Sewell’s tenure as Wadesboro Town Manager, the Town turned around its finances after years of repeated operating deficits and was awarded Centralina COG’s 2017 Region of Excellence Award for “Controlling the Cost of Government” and also the Government Finance Officer Association’s Distinguished Budget Presentation Award.  Further, Wadesboro achieved the Town Council’s top strategic priorities, developed its first Capital Improvement Program, established its first industrial park, increased sanitation services efficiency by 33%, and upgraded its fire insurance rating.

Mr. Sewell is passionate about Stallings and seeks to foster an environment where command defers to collaboration and personal goals are met through the empowerment of others.   He encourages the public to contact him with any concerns or just to say hello.