Stormwater Projects

Town stormwater control authority currently includes responsibility within the public right of way and in the design of new developments. Repair and maintenance beyond the right of way is the responsibility of the property owner or related HOA.

To request stormwater maintenance along Town maintained streets or in drainage easements dedicated to the Town, contact Chris Easterly with the Town Engineering Department at 704-821-0309 or at 

For stormwater issues along state maintained roads contact the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) local maintenance office at (704)-218-5140.

Stormwater Repair Schedule​

1. 3201 Strawberry Road – Chestnut Subdivision – Compromised RCP pipe forming sinkhole near mailbox. Excavate the area and remove and replace that damaged section of pipe. Backfill, seed, and straw the area. $2,500

2. 4018 Daylily Rd. – Morningside Meadows Subdivision – Two pipe separations forming sinkholes. Excavate and pour collars around the separations. Backfill, seed, and straw the area. $5,000.

3. 3102 Leicester Dr. –Buckingham Subdivision – Outfall of pipe is completely blocked causing flooding upstream. Clear the area in front of the outfall and regrade downstream. Seed and straw disturbed area(s).  $13,000.

4. 2010 Coatsdale Ln. – Kerry Greens Subdivision - Pipe separation has caused a sink hole to form behind the back of the curb. The pipe will be exposed, and a concrete collar will be poured around the separation. The area will be backfilled, seeded, and strawed appropriately. $4,000.

Recently Completed Projects

For a list of recently completed projects please click here.