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STALLINGS- The N.C. Department of Transportation is constructing a controlled access expressway extending nearly 20 miles from U.S. 74 near I-485 in Mecklenburg County to U.S. 74 between the towns of Wingate and Marshville in Union County. The construction cost of this project is approximately $900 million. 

U.S. 74 serves as an important commercial corridor for residents and businesses in Union and Mecklenburg counties as it gives retail, commercial and employment centers in the area direct access to and from the route. 

The Monroe Expressway will improve mobility and capacity in the U.S. 74 corridor by allowing an option for the high-speed regional travel via fixed price gantry tolling.

Once complete, the Monroe Expressway will be operated by the North Carolina Turnpike Authority. Substantial completion date for this project is November 27, 2018.