Current News


  1.  Improve Transportation Infrastructure/Reduce Congestion
    1. Develop street cross-sections.
    2. Advocate to NC DOT on a regular basis for improvements.
    3. Explore greenway opportunities and sidewalks in partnership with other jurisdictions
  2.  Enhance Community Identity by Increasing Branding Visibility
    1. Street Signs – explore costs.
    2. Place logo on water tower.
    3. Consider adding uniform decorative street lighting and banners to new Town Hall project.
  3. Engage Public Through Increased Public Communications
    1. Telecast Town Council meetings.
    2. Quarterly newsletter.
    3. Citizen survey.
  4. Begin New Town Hall/Public Works Facility
  5. Pursue Economic Development to Enhance Quality of Life
    1. Complete Downtown Small Area Plan.
    2. Begin New Small Area Plans.
    3. Explore recreational facility for northern half of Town
  6. Be Prudent Fiduciaries of Taxpayer Resources
  7. Downtown Development for the Future of Our Community