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Stallings, North Carolina – The Town of Stallings has been ranked as the sixth healthiest housing market in North Carolina by a financial technology company, SmartAsset.

A healthy housing market is defined as a stable and affordable market. SmartAsset considered stability, affordability, fluidity, and risk of loss when ranking cities and towns across the state.

“The Town of Stallings is blessed to be consistently ranked one of the most desirable and safest places to live in NC.  I’m proud to be the Mayor of Stallings – ‘How Home Should Feel’,” said Mayor Wyatt Dunn.

According to the study conducted by SmartAssets, citizens in the Town of Stallings live in their home for an average of 13.2 years and homes in the Town are on the market for an average of only 58 days.

The factors that went into the ranking were the average years of living in a home; the average number of homes with negative equity; the percentage of homes decreasing in value; the average number of days that a home is on the market; the home costs as a percentage of income; and the healthiest markets index.


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