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STALLINGS- Positioned along the Mecklenburg County line, the Town of Stallings has long been known as “The Gateway to Union County.”   With the surge of growth in the Charlotte region and construction of the long-awaited Monroe Bypass, Stallings is situated to become more than just a “gateway.” 

These changes will bring growth and development pressures that will either make or break the Town. With this in mind, Stallings leaders made a conscientious decision to shape the Town’s own destiny, and partnered with the community to embark on a planning initiative that began in Spring 2016.

The initiative began from the ground up with heavy public involvement. The planning process took two years to complete and included public surveys, three public open houses, monthly steering committee meetings, bi-weekly conversations with planning staff, and public meeting updates and hearings.

Public input indicated residents’ pride in the Town’s recreational facilities, neighborhoods, and schools.  Further, most residents indicated an enjoyment of the small town feel and friendliness of the area.  Likewise, concern was expressed for a lack of street connectivity and landscaping, as well as a desire for more restaurants, sidewalks and trails, and walkable mixed-use centers that appeal to all generations. 

Using this public input, the Town created plans that sought to protect existing neighborhoods while planning for inevitable growth.  As a result, the final products included a new Comprehensive Land Use Plan, Small Area Plans, and a new Land Development Ordinance. 

Project lead Demetri Baches explained to the Stallings Town Council at a workshop in August that “development is a process and laying the ground work for the desired outcome is crucial, failing to plan is planning to fail.   Successful towns all have one thing in common – a vision for their future and the perseverance and patience to get there.” It’s this attitude towards planning that has encouraged Town leadership to create, pursue, and adopt a vision for Stallings’ future.