Bulk Pick-Up Day

Monday, November 27, 2023

Items will be collected during your normally scheduled solid waste collection day. Four (4) item limit. 
Acceptable Bulk Waste Items:
▪ Air conditioners - Window units only.
▪ Appliances (residential stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, washer, dryer); must be empty;
refrigerators/freezers- remove doors
▪ Basketball goal - Remove concrete base & dismantle; concrete will not be collected
▪ Bathtubs - No cast iron tubs; 75 lbs. or less
▪ Bed and bed frames - Dismantle.
▪ Bicycles
▪ Carpet/floor coverings- Roll & cut no longer than 4 ft.; Up to 4- rolls accepted (max. 25-lbs each)
▪ Clothing-Must be bagged (consider donating as an alternative)
▪ Couches/Chairs
▪ Computers
▪ China cabinet hutches - Empty; tape any glass
▪ Desks/Dressers - Empty.
▪ Entertainment centers - Empty; tape any glass
▪ Fencing –wood fencing only, no metal fences. Remove or flatten protruding nails; limited to 75 lbs.  total.
▪ Fireplace inserts - Remove bricks; no bricks collected.
▪ Garbage cans - Tag with a note indicating to take the can.
▪ Glass doors, windows, table inserts - Using tape, make an X over the glass and place at curbside
▪ Grills - Remove propane tanks; 75 lbs or less; no commercial grills.
▪ Gutters - 4 ft. or less.
▪ Lawnmowers – Push mowers only. Remove gasoline and battery, if applicable.
▪ Linoleum - Roll & cut no longer than 4 ft.; Up to 4- rolls accepted (max. 25-lbs each)
▪ Mattresses
▪ Patio furniture
▪ Pianos or organs - 75 lbs. or less; dismantle.
▪ Play sets/swing sets- Remove concrete base and dismantle, remove or flatten nails
▪ Plumbing materials
▪ Plywood & paneling - No larger than 1 in. thick x 4 ft. x 4 ft.
▪ Pool Covers - Folded; only folded cover; 75 lbs. or less will be collected.
▪ Space heaters, oil and kerosene heaters; Must be emptied
▪ Televisions
▪ Toys (large)
▪ Water heaters
▪ Windows- Tape any glass
Items That Will Not Be Collected:
▪ Any remnant materials resulting from work performed by a contractor or any significant home renovation.
▪ Automobile parts including motors, tires, rims, doors, fenders, car seats, batteries, bumpers, etc.
▪ Bricks
▪ Cardboard boxes. Please cut down to 3 feet by 3 feet (or smaller) pieces and place in the recycling cart
▪ Central air conditioning or heating units
▪ Ceramic tile
▪ Chain link fencing
▪ Concrete blocks or pieces
▪ Dirt or sand
▪ Drywall or plaster
▪ Duct or sheet metal materials
▪ Fence posts with concrete attached
▪ Fire-damaged items
▪ Grocery carts
▪ Floor coverings (except carpet/padding removed by homeowner, see size/qty restrictions on acceptable list)
▪ Hot tubs/Jacuzzis
▪ Marble or simulated marble countertops
▪ Nails or boards with protruding nails
▪ Paint & other hazardous waste (please contact the Union County Landfill)
▪ Pallets (wooden)
▪ Propane/oxygen tanks
▪ Railroad ties/landscape timbers
▪ Rocks
▪ Roofing materials and shingles
▪ Toilets
▪ Yard waste
On Monday, September 11, 2023