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UPDATE:  NCDOT has suspended the construction of the Potters/Pleasant Plains Intersection Improvements. A sharp decline in revenue has resulted in the NCDOT falling below the statutorily mandated cash floor of $293 million. According to state law, once the department falls below the cash floor, the department can no longer enter into new contracts that spend money on transportation projects.  The NCDOT is fully funded through the Motor Fuels Tax, Highway Use Tax and Division of Motor Vehicles fees. The drop in revenue from these sources due to COVID-19 will result in more than $300 million in lost revenue for this fiscal year. An additional shortfall of more than $370 million is projected for FY21.   

History of the Project: The Town has executed a municipal agreement with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to administer an intersection improvement project in the Potter Road - Pleasant Plains corridor.  This project includes construction of left turn lanes in each quadrant with the inclusion of sidewalk/curb & gutter infrastructure, implementation of water/sewer improvements and installation of metal traffic signal poles - mast arms.  This will improve mobility and assist in potential redevelopment in the area. ?Below is the timeline to date for the Potter / Pleasant Plains intersection improvements.
Notice to proceed issued to Kimley-Horn for design : 05-29-2013
  • 25% plan submittal : 10-15-2013
NCDOT/Stallings interlocal agreement executed: 01-11-2014
Stallings/Union County interlocal agreement executed : 01-28-2014
  • 70% plan submittal : 05-14-2014
  • 90% plan submittal : 12-05-2014
  • Utilities by others plan submittal : 03-04-2015. 
  • 90% submittal (updated contract documents & schedule of prices) : 04-10-2015 
  • Varies submittals to Union County Public Works for the water/ sewer plan
    • 04-21-2015 water/ sewer plan
    • 09-14-2015 received/ addressed comments water/ sewer plan
    • 07-13-2016 received/ addressed comments water/ sewer plan – County updates per new survey
    • 02-15-2017 received/ addressed comments water/ sewer plan – County requested modifications
Right of way acquisition approval from NCDOT : 02-17-2016
Right of way acquisition contract with THC executed : 06/28/2016
Right of way field certification from NCDOT : 12-19-2018
  • 100% plan submittal : 11-15-2018 
  • 100% plan resubmittal : 03-14-2019 – updated plan with NCDOT comments / new standards - specifications
  • 100% plan resubmittal : 05-01-2019 – received comments from NCDOT - updated contract documents 
Right of way reimbursement from NCDOT : 03-28-2019
Erosion sediment control permit approval NCDENR : 05-13-2019
Duke utility relocations complete : 12-11-2019
Spectrum utility relocations complete : 03-31-2020
Windstream utility relocations : In design/permitting 

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