Energy Services and Street Light Repair

Energy Services

Stallings energy services are provided by two seperate businesses, Duke Energy and Union Power Cooperative. Depending on which area of Stallings you reside dillineates which company provides your service. If you are having any issues with your energy services please see the customer service contact information below for each service provider.

Duke Energy 
Customer Service - 800-777-9898
Electrical Issues - 800-769-3766
Customer Service Website

Union Power Cooperative
Customer Service - 704-289-3145
Electrical Issues - 1-800-794-4423
Customer Service Website

Street Light Repair

If you are noticing issues with street lights please follow these steps to resolve the issue(s):

  1. Approach the street light having issues.
  2. Identify whether the pole is owned by Duke Energy or Union Power Cooperative (see examples below)
  3. Record pole number. If there is no pole number, record nearest address to the street light in question.
  4. You may either call the customer service numbers for the respective provider (see above) or click on the following websites:
    Duke Energy Street Light Repair Website
    Union Power Cooperative Street Light Repair Website
  5. Input the requested information and a work order will be processed, this work order number will be provided. Please allow 5 business days before the repairs are made.
  6. If the repairs have not been made you may call the relative customer service number (see above) or re-submit the issue through the websites in step 4.


Union Power Street Light 

Union Power

Duke Energy Street Light 

Duke Energy