Fiscal Year Budgets

The Town prepares an annual budget which outlines the projected revenues and proposed expenditures for the year.  Input is given from each of the Town’s departments and is reviewed and approved by the Town Manager, Mayor and Town Council.  The budget is presented formally to the Council in a public hearing during one of the regularly scheduled council meeting.  After the public hearing, the council adopts the budget on or before June 30th for the following fiscal year.  Copies of the annual budgets from 2016 to 2018 are below. 

Budget Ordinances and Amendments

Link to 2018 Budget Ordinance
Link to 2018 Budget Amendments

Link to 2017 Budget Ordinance
Link to 2017 Budget Amendments

Link to 2016 Budget Ordinance
Link to 2016 Budget Amendments

Line Item Budgets

Link to 2018 Line Item Budget by Department
Link to 2017 Line Item Budget by Department
Link to 2016 Line Item Budget by Department