Local Utility Providers

  • Electric service is provided by either Duke Power 1-800-777-9898 or Union Power 1-704-485-3335, depending on the location of your residence.
  • Communication services are provided through Windstream  1-855-575-7625 and Time Warner Cable 1-800-892-4357; all areas have high speed internet access.  Vonage is also available in the area 1-800-583-5710.
  • Natural gas service can be accessed at Piedmont Natural Gas - Getting New Service 1-800-752-7504
  • Cable TV is available though Time Warner Cable of Monroe 1-800-892-4357.
  • Satellite TV is available through Direct TV and can be reached at 1-855-463-7359.
  • Garbage service is provided by God Bless the USA 1-704-708-5872. The fee for this service is covered in your town taxes. New residents do not need to do anything to initiate garbage collection as long as the previous owners have left the receptacles. Visit the above website for collection information.  You will need to contact Town Hall if your residence is NEW CONSTRUCTION  at 704-821-8557 to set up service.